Online User Research

Why 99% of customers are leaving product page?

This is one of those questions that disturbs the mind of every online seller and it wasn´t beeing different for us. So why not just ask our visitors?


But first:

Inner research

Before we begin the research we raised the main reasons for complaint that clients made to our customer service. Those were relevant reasons that could make anyone hesitate to complete a purchase. The collected data gave us a good kickoff for this research. The main reasons we found were: delivery time, high prices and lack of information.

Elaborating the options

After these 3 relevant options, we could go further. We also knew that our designer’s team were working hardly to get more and more images to show on our product pages. Afterall, images have its significance to online sales, right? So with that in mind, we added the topic: lack of images.

So these were 4 of the things that we knew due to the knowledge about our own business. But was time to add one option to see how relevant it would be: the hypothesis. 

The hypothesis

Our hypothesis was:

“Customersdo a careful search before buying our products, because our average ticket is considered high”

Besides the previous questions, we believed that most of the customers that were leaving the product page, were doing it because they were browsing among several furniture websites and making comparison. Therefore we added the “nothing, I’m just researching” option.

The “we know nothing” question

We couldn´t be arrogant and suppose the we knew all the possibilities. The truth is: we know nothing. Otherwise this research would be pointless, right? So we added the final option: none of the previous answers. Customers who have chosen this option, would give us insights into another aspects that we had not anticipated.

The results

The research was performed for 15 days and got more than 2,500 responses.

Are you leaving? Tell us about what did you miss:


A) More info – 10%;

B) More images – 20%;

C) Better delivery time – 7,6%

D) Better prices – 24%;

E) Nothing, I’m just researching – 28%;

F) None of the previous answers – 8,4%.

The hypothesis was validated. Most of the customers do a good research before buying products of our industry (28%).
However, nearby them are those who are looking for a good price to pay and probably ranks our prices as high (24%).
Not far of these are other who don’t shop online if they don’t see plenty and significant product images (22%).
There are some that consider information the most important thing (10%). “You know nothing” is represented by 8.4%.
Meanwhile, 7.6% thinks that we sould offer a better delivery time.


This research revealed to us what bothers our customers and causes them to abandon the product page, leaving the site without knowing the experience of shopping with us.

With these answers, we have the opportunity to improve our business strategy, our products content and our services.
It’s a gold mine, where we just need to explore it well to extract all valuable information that we need.


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