Valentine’s Day Campaign

Desktop, mobile and newsletter

After we have added new departments and categories to the navigation menu was time to create a landing page to promote the sale of these products. There was no better time for this than Valentine’s Day.


Toque a Campainha never had a significant valentine’s day sales campaign. After all, who buys a sofa for a girlfriend or boyfriend, right?. But now, we had over 2.000 new products and we wanted to offer it – in a special way – to our customers who were in love. 

The idea

The variety of products we had at the time was huge. It was: picture-frames; heart-shaped pillows; organizers for books, keys, jewelry; mouse pads; mugs, cups and bowls; piggybanks (many); cooking aprons and kitchen gloves.

So, why not split these products into special categories and name it, creatively, according to people’s “kind of love”?

The categories

  1. “Full of love” (all kinds of product with the words, “love”or “heart” and heart-shaped products)
  2. “Bed lovers” (pillows, cushions, sleeping masks)
  3. “Organized lovers” (key holder, notebook, pencil holders, decorative box, wire organizer and more)
  4. “Nerds” (mouse pad, book trimmer, pencil holders, table clock and desk lamp)
  5. “In drink with my love” (cups, mugs and bowls)
  6. “Economic love” (piggybanks)
  7. “Chef cook” (kitchen apron, cooking glove, fridge magnet, pot rest, dish cloth and more)

Sketches and Designs

Sketches for the navigation menu

Sketches for the navigation menu

Icon sketch - "Bed lovers"

Icon sketch – “Bed lovers”

Icon sketch - "Chef cook"

Icon sketch – “Chef cook”

The landing page dynamics was based on navigation menu and browsing by it special categories. This menu was fixed on the top while the user scrolls the page.

Navigation menu fixed on the top while scrolling

Navigation menu fixed on the top while scrolling


Mobile version


We did 2 different e-mails: to her and to him. Thus, we were able to give suggestions to our clients: for gifts for him and her. To make it work, the customer database was splited by gender: men and women.

Newsletter to her

Newsletter for her


Newsletter for him

Although Toque a Campainha’s registration divides genres only as male and female, we put a space with “gifts for him,” in the male e-mail and “gifts for her” in the email sent to the female base.
Thus, we were able to meet all the sexual preferences of each individual.

Gift to her - Female database

Gift for her – Female database


Gift for him – Male database


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